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Cornerstone Learning provides businesses with a single point of access to e-learning delivery, content management, training and virtual classrooms. Over 30,000 pre-integrated off-the-shelf learning titles are also included.

Cornerstone About

Key features of Cornerstone’s E-learning offering include:

E-learning delivery

Cornerstone offers a centralised way to access over 30,000 pre-integrated learning titles, addressing issues such as compliance, professional development, sales training and more.  Workflow can be automated so assignments can be issued through the system and submissions can be tracked.

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led Training (ILT) means that your staff can gain knowledge and skills through face-to-face interaction. The system allows event and session planning, resource management, registration automation and tracking.

Content management

Cornerstone’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) allows businesses to publish their own media-rich content. Templates are available, as well as testing and collaboration tools.

Virtual classroom

Virtual training classrooms allow businesses to hold local, regional or national seminars online. The platform can be integrated with various other systems.

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