Net Dimensions

Net Dimensions offers a number of training and assessment tools for businesses.

Net Dimensions

Learning Management System

Net Dimensions’ Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP) learning management system allows businesses to:

  • Conduct appraisals
  • Offer training programmes
  • Provide licences and certification
  • Assess competencies
  • Promote and monitor compliance

The system is multilingual and can be used to manage the full training and development process.

Mobile Learning Management System

The Mobile LMS offers a version of the standard Learning Management System which can be run independently from a USB flash drive. Users can view course materials, take courses and exams and read documents.

Learning Assessment Engine

The Enterprise Assessment Platform (EAP) is designed to be able to manage a wide range of tests and assessments. It can also help to identify skills gaps and skills levels for employment, and be used for certification and compliance.

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