Dokeos is an open source Learning Management System created in early 2004 by Thomas De Praetere it aims to serve multinational companies, federal administrations and universities. The software is SCORM-compliant and originally built using other existing open source modules like PhpBB, Nuke and  Openoffice. By May 2010 it had 2,300,000 registered users in 30 countries and was being used in 20 languages.

Dokeos About

Some tools Dokeos currently contains are: SCORM Courses authoring; rapid learning; templates based document production; tests (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, open questions, hotspots); interaction (forums, chats, groups); web conferencing (available on Pro and Medical editions); conversion of PowerPoint and Impress presentations to SCORM courses (available on Pro and Medical editions); surveys; LDAP and OpenID authentication; gradebook; reservations; users sessions.


8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace

3rd Floor

Boston, Massachusetts 02109

United States

Tel. +1 617-973-5180

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