Gaia Technologies

Gaia Technologies started out providing ICT services to schools. It now also caters for business, healthcare services and local government organisations but still has a specialism in schools.

Gaia Technologies About

It offers the following for schools:

IT hardware

Gaia supplies computer hardware and software and can also help with PC assembly. Hardware it supplies includes:

  • Desktop PCs and laptops
  • Printers and scanners
  • Servers
  • Storage devices
  • Network devices


Gaia offers a range of wireless solutions to schools including:

  • Building-to-building links
  • Last mile access extending fibre
  • Camera links
  • Leased line backup

3D visualisation

These systems allow teachers to help pupils visualise complex or abstract issues through the use of 3D environments. Interactive elements are also possible.

Laptop trolleys

Laptop trolleys mean that pupil laptops can be stacked safely and easily moved from one learning area to another. The trolleys are lockable for security and also help schools save space.

Audio Visual

Audio visual solutions include interactive whiteboards, projectors, flat panel displays, video-conferencing and more.

Location system (RFID)

Gaia’s location system is similar to systems used by health authorities and logistics firms and implements wireless technology which can be used for automatic classroom registration, building access restriction, student tracking and asset tracking. Students can wear the tracking device as a badge or they can be fitted onto school equipment.

Managed services

Managed services from Gaia mean that networks are proactively managed, there is an on-site IT engineer and equipment is repaired, maintained and replaced as necessary.

Thin client

Thin client programs and devices are available – they can lower administration costs and energy usage, as well as bringing other benefits.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is available to allow remote meetings. A range of conferencing technologies are on offer.

Digital signage

Digital signage is available to allow schools to communicate key messages to staff and pupils around the school.


Woodlands House
Parc Britannia
Parc Menai
LL57 4FA

Tel: 0845 867 4792



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