The Saba Learning Suite contains a number of tools to facilitate e-learning within  businesses.

Saba About

Modules of the suite include:

Saba Learning

The Learning module allows businesses to centralise learning such as instructor-led classroom training, self-directed e-learning, virtual classes, workshops and more. Process are accessible by email and online. Courses, certificates, wikis and other resources can all be integrated and managed via one system.

Social Learning

Social Learning enables employees to connect online and to get in touch with the most useful people. Shared channels, networks, projects, blogs and wikis are all possible. Content can also be tagged and rated.

Saba Anywhere

Saba Anywhere is a mobile platform which allows employees to continue learning even when they’re working remotely. Mobile learners can download, view and interact with resources even when they’re out and about. Multiple users are able to access the content from one device.

Learning and assessment can still be tracked.

Learning Commerce

Saba Learning Commerce is designed for the profitable delivery of e-learning. It allows programme delivery with numerous pricing and marketing options. Subscriptions and deals can also be set up. It supports numerous convenient payment methods and content can be bundled and re-packaged.

Content Management

The Content Management module allows content to be created and managed. Content can be captured from wherever it is generated and can even be developed collaboratively.


Publisher is a content creation tool for the sharing of content. Designers, content creators and non-programmers can all use the tools to create rich content.

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